Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lisa Taranto in the garden.by Lisa Taranto, co-founder of Tricycle Gardens, researcher, lecturer & instructor of ‘s class: Permaculture: How the World Works

An ecological crisis. An environmental crisis. A jobs crisis. A climate crisis. A financial crisis. An education crisis. An obesity crisis. A population crisis. Nature deficit disorder………What the hell is going on? Somehow we humans got here. We know that much. And we all have different theories about our collective journey. Now, how do we move out of the situation? The problems are complex, and the solutions are simple. It starts with delving into the complex and wondrous world of ecology, and our place within the system. Beneficial, regenerative, abundant, productive. Think about ecosystems that have been only lightly, or not at all, impacted by human systems. They work. They are productive, in balance, and a spectacular system of life-production-death-rebirth, with no waste products.

For the past 25 years I have been exploring, learning, and working to build healthy urban communities. Trained as an architect in the mid 80’s (not a particularly robust era for ecological design — but I managed to temporarily escape university to spend 1.5 years at Arcosanti, the experimental city of architecture and ecology in the high desert of Arizona), I jumped into urban agriculture about 12 years ago.Fibonacci series begonia at the Longhouse Sculpture Garden on Long Island. If you have never been there, it is worth the trek! (We also have this begonia in the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter). lture and ecological design studies and practice, I am excited to share with you all of the amazing solutions based work that is going on in our world-and how it applies to our own lives and communities.

Join me this summer for Permaculture: How the World Works. Over 5 Thursdays, (July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9, 6 – 8 pm), we will delve into the topics of global and urban hydrological systems, edible forest gardening (building our own food producing eco-systems), guiding patterns and bio-mimicry, soil building, organic gardening, and all sorts of beneficial relationships. Where does culture, technology, history and our individual experiences come in to the story?

Ecology as a science is relatively young — some say born in the 60’s, the same decade I arrived. I believe we are transitioning out of the age of technology into the age of ecology. So, what does it mean to be eco-literate? And how do we engage in the language of nature? We will look at the guiding principles behind permaculture/ecological design, and follow the journeys of several visionaries. Through this exploration, we will form our own visions of a verdant future, with a diverse set of solutions in the toolbox of life.

Source: www.lewisginter.org

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Flat roofs are the future

Of all of the trends in architecture, design, and homebuilding, rooftoop gardens is one of the strongest. People really love to be able to walk around and garden on their roofs. These gardens are much more ecologically friendly than normal roofs. In multifamily dwellings which are increasingly dominant rooftop gardens are a highly desirable selling point. Not only can these be built, but they will be. If there are problems with this then robust solutions will be found, but the options today should be enough if one shops around carefully and gets good installers.

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  • Avatar Luis How to organize a house?
    Apr 16, 2009 by Luis | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to organize garageand back yard

    • Keys to organizing - The old adage my grandma used still works - a place for everything and everything in it's place. Most the time when my house gets messy and cluttered it's because I have things floating around withou … the paddles if he got another one.

      4. if you have space - get a shed for things like the lawnmower and garden tools - so that they are located near the places they get used and not cluttering the garage.