My First Fiskars Box Set with small garden tools

138200 My First Fiskars Box Set with small garden toolsMy First Fiskars Box Set is the ideal gift for any child who likes to get down in the dirt or sand or snow to build castles and exercise their imagination. The box set includes a big shovel ideal for two-handed building projects - from snow castles or excavating on the beach, a recognizable smaller shovel at home in the sandbox or at the seaside, a snow saw for cutting and sculpting snow but equally useful in the garden for digging and even planting and a neat handheld brush for sweeping and brushing off other toys and tools. The box itself doubles as a handy seat in wet conditions or a mould for building ice blocks while the lid can be used a slider for winter fun.


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Fiskars Hand Pruner

On impulse, I bought a nice set of Fiskars garden tools at Cost Co... about $30. I had used tin snips to prune my bamboo and worked my hand raw when the job was done. The next Sat. I used the Hand Pruner, and it was like cutting paper! You can't go wrong with their stuff. I've got a power axe too.

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Gardening calendars are one of the essential gardening tools for every gardener. My first news column of each month will be dedicated to the monthly gardening calendar.

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  • Avatar lepacorn Looking for work as a Garden Maintenance person?
    Apr 15, 2013 by lepacorn | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I have my own transit van and Garden tools, ie Grass cutter, chain saw, hedge trimmer, and leaflets

    I don't have a website, as I can't afford it at the moment.

    I hand posted about 4000 leaflets In the Hertfordshire areas
    and I received only about 10 calls.
    What am i doing wrong ?

    • Most people are strapped for cash right now so they end up doing it themselves. DIY is the fad today. Sooooo, you have to locate the folks who can't do it for themselves..... ie old people. Go to the Senior Centers and c …Of course they can sink your business if you try to cheat them so DON'T!! You might even get some handyman work. Remember, if there is a $20 bill laying on the table it's still there when you leave. Nuff said. Good Luck.