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Jim McColl's forks and spadesFrom time to time in the Beechgrove Garden series, we shine the spotlight on garden tools. It is usually as a result of some ‘new answer to our prayers’ being launched on the market, claimed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. My first reaction is often to question whether any consumer research and user trials have been carried out beforehand.

My original fork and spade are both over 50 years old!

We have asked the question: what are the most essential pieces of garden equipment you need to till the soil, plant and care for your fruit, vegetables and decorative border plants. The first thing to highlight is that most of the tools you acquire will be with you for the rest of your life, if you buy wisely, look after them properly and avoid losing them.

These thoughts came to me as I watched the wonderful volunteers help with our last Community Garden project to be recorded this year. It was located behind the recently completed Small Animal Hospital at the Royal Dick Veterinary School a few miles south of Edinburgh. We had children in various groups, people who were clients of the hospital, retired people wishing to be helpful. I could see straight away that some knew exactly what they were about to tackle and others had no tools with them and had to be supplied with something appropriate.

Let's get down to the essentials. For a planting job, the first vital implement is a digging fork to slacken up the soil to a reasonable depth. On a new site where there may be some surface compaction and large stones, bricks etc just below the surface – a favourite trick of builders keen to get a new house completed, the fork is invaluable. Where a spade will hardly make an impression on a compacted surface, the fork can be eased through it. When a spade hits a stone it will most likely come to a sudden halt whereas using a fork you will readily find an edge or a corner to start the job of prising the offending piece out of that spot where you have chosen to plant something.

I still have my original fork and spade – both are over 50 years old now but in recent times I have turned to the almost exclusive use of a border spade and fork, I wonder why? The border spade is made of stainless steel but the other three are more traditional, they are cleaned and oiled before being stored away after use!


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2 other essential safety items which aren't

Obvious from this photo: ballistic cloth pants, which will jam a chain saw blade, and steel-toed boots.
I agree with Cruiser: both chain saws and radial arm saws are incredibly dangerous, capricious tools. A few months ago, in England, a man and his wife were doing some gardening in their back yard. She was in the flower beds, he was in a tree with a chain saw. He dropped the saw and decapitated her.

December gardening calendar  — Winfield Daily Courier Online
Gardening calendars are one of the essential gardening tools for every gardener. My first news column of each month will be dedicated to the monthly gardening calendar.

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