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If you are a keen gardener and like to grow your own vegetables there are a wide range of tools available that could help you on your way to producing some prize winning vegetables. If you are an experienced, Rotary Tiller vegetable gardener you will understand the importance of having the appropriate tools to do the jobs effectively. Before you go out to buy all your gardening tools for your vegetable patch it is important to think about the size of your vegetable garden and your physical ability to do the jobs that vegetable gardening require.

The first task in vegetable gardening is marking out your vegetable patch and cultivating the soil to ensure it will be read for your seeding. This can be quite an intensive job especially if you have a large vegetable garden, however there is a range of tools that can help you. The first two tools you will need for this job is a spade and a fork.

The spade is useful for digging up the area of ground that you have marked out for your vegetables, whilst the fork can be utilised to break the soil up further into small more suitable chunks and add some compost into the mix. If you perceive that you may have difficulty with digging however it may be worth investing in a cultivator machine or a rotary tiller. A rotary tiller or cultivator does all the hard work and will dig up the area of land for you turning the soil as required.
Rotary Tiller

Once your soil has been cultivated you need think about seeding. It is often a good idea to go over the soil with a rake to smooth it out and prepare it so it is fine enough for you to sew your choice of seeds. It is a good idea to place your vegetables in sets and leave enough room between the seeds for their growth,
as larger vegetables will need sufficient space and you do not wish for them to be competing against each other for food, nutrients and sunlight.

Once all your seeds are planted you will need to watch over the area to ensure that any weed growth is removed. The hoe is the perfect tool for removing these weeds and is easy to use with its long arm, allowing you to get to weeds without treading on and potentially damaging your rising vegetables. The final tool that you will need is a hose or effective sprinkler for watering your vegetables regularly. It can often be good to invest in a small water tanker to collect and store rainwater, and you can then use this to feed your vegetables when they need it most.
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You must be bored at work! lmao

Tomorrow at work, clean up those tools! They look like shit. lmao FGS, do you leave them outside year-round or something? If those are craftsman, you should maybe just take them in and have them replaced. We've talked about this several times in here, so I know you know how eeasy that is to do.. I pick up craftsman tools that look like that every now and then at garage sales and turn them in for new ones. I cannot stand rust on my tools. Just spent an entire day getting rust off my garden tools and winterizing them (I didn't do it last year, put them away dirty...and it showed).
The GPS holder is kind of cool, but I like having the ability to plug directly into the holder for power

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Heavy duty trowels, pitchforks, spades and shovels, loppers, pruning shears, and a diversity of cultivators and weeding devices can be purchased at local garden centers, through mail-order catalogs, or on-line.

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When I broke my wrist several years ago, the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator saved my garden season. The blade acts like a large steel fingernail. Use it for weeding, cultivating, digging, planting and more.

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All of this is to say that seeds, soil, hand tools like a quality trowel, cultivator or dibbler (Google it) are always appreciated.

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