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Choosing A DIY Rack For Garden Tools

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A proper garden is one that is organized and clean. You may arrange the flowers in an orderly fashion and trim your bushes but do you give the same attention to your garden tools?

You could build a shed to store all the tools but without a proper rack, you might as well leave it in the corner of your garden and cover it with a cloth. Building a garden tools rack is easy and this project can be done in a day. You do not have to spend money and buy those ready made garden tools rack when you can recycle things and use store your garden tools.

A spare bucket or garbage bin makes an excellent corner garden tool rack. The garbage bin can hold larger tools like the shovel or rack while the spare bucket used to hold the branch cutter or gloves. The dirt will be kept inside the container and can be disposed off easily so it will not dirty your garage or shed when you store them. You can carry your tools around easier because they are stored in a container and you do not have to carry out them one by one.

Another clever way to store your tools without using a corner garden tool rack is by using screws and nails. You can fasten them halfway into the wall so you will have a “holder†to hang tools without them falling.

This is a very simple method that only works for smaller tools. Bigger tools would require you use more materials such as a wire or rope to hold them in place. You can fasten the screws on a board and placed it on the wall if you do not want to hammer nails into your wall. DIY shops also sell hangers and clips to hold some tools and it works better than nails or screws.

Another good container you can use to store your tools would be cardboard boxes. When you purchase any appliances or large items, they would usually come in cardboard boxes and foams.

The boxes can be emptied and be used for many things such as storing your gardening tools. Unfortunately the cardboard boxes are not very sturdy and they can only be used to hold smaller tools. They also perish easily so they are more suited as a temporary rack while you build or buy a proper rack to hold your tools.


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Networking with satisfied customers

Word of mouth referral is the best form of networking and advertising that a professional of any field can ask for.
Same holds true for the landscape design and the landscape installation industry.
Network with co-workers , neighbors, those in your community and ask whom they have worked with and what their experience was.
Also drive around the vicinity of your neighborhood and take note of any well designed and maintained garden. Pop a gracious note in the homeowners mailbox requesting whom did their design and installation and if they had a satisfactory working relationship

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