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Woodend Log Cabins, Steel Sheds & Wendy's, Storage diy units, Free quotes


Wood and Steel sheds, Chicken coops, site accommodation, D I Y Units do it yourself sheds, Ideal for Building construction and sites, site offices Log cabins, schools, packing and storage of all your needs.Mini factory's, portable site toilets and more see our web site for more !! for FREE quote pls send all details :name contact no, area of installation? wood ? steel ? shed wanted ???? Windows or extra doors ? shed or log cabin ? and we get back to You asap !

Wanted: WANTED :Garden pots or statues


HI I am trying to do up my large garden on a very tight budget and if you are wanting to get rid of big old pots or garden ornaments or even garden furniture eg benches, swings ect and you are with in the centurion / Pretoria East region, I will gladly come and take them out of your way (preferably on a weekend when I have some help from my husband) Thanks Nicky 0842100020

10AMP 12V Solar Charge Controller

R 160

10AMP 12V SOLAR REGULATORS BUY DIRECT FROM THE IMPORTERS AND SAVE We import and sell a wide variety of LED lights and other solar related products. We keep stock on all our products. Please inquire and we will send you a full catalogue with prices and specials. Visit our Showroom to view all our products and we will beat any written quote (t/c) BUY 11 AND MORE UNITS FOR ONLY R144.00 each We also stock the following: Different Size Solar Batteries, Solar Panels, Inverters (Pure Sine-Wave & Modular), Solar Regulators, LED Lights, Welding Machines, Solar Toys and so much more… SA Importers is able, on your behalf, to ship your products to any destination in South Africa and Africa. Shipping costs remain the responsibility of the client but we are most happy to facilitate the entire process for you. Please inquire for a free quotation. Phone us, E-mail us, visit our showroom or Skype us. Tel: 012 941 1609 Skype: teri.scott8 Wholesalers and Retailers WELCOME!!!


BFG Supply Centurion 176 Stainless Steel Garden Transplanter
Lawn & Patio (BFG Supply)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Optic Yellow handle with integrated thumb rest
  • Inch depth gauge
  • Measures 13 inches long by 2.5 inches wide
  • Ergonomic design

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Sheet mulching is one of the better ways.

I have gone thru the gauntlet in gardening. Composting, double digging, green manures, and conventional gardening are some of the ways. Even intensive approach in raised beds. The best garden I grow now is done with barnyard manures in blanket covering in the fall/winter months and covered by at least afoot to one and half feet of what ever I can find. (I may add wood ashes and /or lime also before covering with mulch.) Leaves, grass, hay, old saw dust, cottenseed hulls, whatever, just piled in. When i am thru for the winter, I just cover all plants with manure. NO TILLING! Then cover all that with mulch

Find the Fantastic, Seek the Unique!  —
If outdoor grilling is a favorite activity, grill accessories from tools to aprons to those wonderful stuffed jalapeno grilling pans can be found.

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Furthermore, a plethora of tools and protective gear mean that ice climbing can be safe and is accessible to almost everyone - though it helps to have a degree of cardiovascular fitness and a good strength-to-weight ratio.

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When God created everything he was with man in the garden — God and man living together in perfect harmony. But man rebelled against ..

Coughee Brothaz - Garden Tool
Coughee Brothaz - Garden Tool
the bbc s free virtual garden design tool
the bbc's free virtual garden design tool
Vintage Garden Tools
Vintage Garden Tools
Centurion Centurion Composite Gardenlite 107 Transplanter Resin Black & Green
Lawn & Patio (Centurion)
  • sturdy
  • ribbed no slip thumb grip
  • measure gradations to 4 depth
BFG Supply Centurion 185 Titanium Coated Anvil Garden Pruner With 5/8-Inch Cut
Lawn & Patio (BFG Supply)
  • Features non-stick coating
  • Locking device for safety, ensure that the locking mechanism is unlocked when using the pruner, as this may cause the blades to not come together when cutting.
  • Can be used left or right handed
  • Soft cushion grip handles
  • Measures 8 inches in total length
Commerce Corporation - In Network Centurion 178 Ultra Comfort Garden Trowel
Lawn & Patio (Commerce Corporation - In Network)
  • Garden trowel with cast aluminum body
  • Easy storage hang hole
  • Wide, comfortable vinyl grip handle
  • Measures 13 inches long by 4 inches wide
  • Ergonomic design

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  • Avatar Weekend Warrior What is the best online store to buy tools from?
    Apr 07, 2007 by Weekend Warrior | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    For replacement batteries, pliers, accessories, power tools, etc.

    • has a massive selection of tools, batteries, hand tools and accessories. I use them where I work and have allways been pleased with them