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Black and Decker Garden Tools in stores CollageFor me summer means long, warm days, the kids running around the yard and, of course, gardening. I have had a vegetable garden for quite a few years now and try to grow as much of the produce that my family is going to eat as I can. I’m not totally there, but each year I learn a bit more, gain a bit more experience and get closer to my goal!

Black and Decker offered to send me some new tools from their Garden IQ Series.Black and Decker Garden Tools 6 gs out and happily accepted. This line of tools is sold at Walmart and comes in some fun colors. I didn’t know what items I’d be sent. . . so I curiously checked out the display in store:

When my packaged arrived Buddy and I ripped it open with glee. (Buddy is my big garden helper–Princess likes the idea of the garden, but not the work!) Inside I found:

Now I’m not the kind of lady that is more likely to buy a tool because it’s a pretty color–I’m interested more in if it meets my needs and is of good quality–but hey, if you can mix good quality and pretty, why not? And the lavender will be easy to see against the green of the lawn if anyone (aka the kids) leaves one of these lying around.

So on to the tools!

One of the items that I initially had trouble with was the mini D handle shovel. I use a D handle shovel (and spade-which is the square tipped type) frequently in my yard. As a matter of fact both got a serious workout this spring while I was digging up the hostas out front and splitting them, digging holes to plant bushes and trees, and moving tons of wood chip mulch. . . I like using them because you can set the tip on the ground and then comfortably holding the handle at about waist height stomp on the top of the shovel head (or in the case of splitting the hostas actually JUMP on it to put my full weight into digging down). This mini shovel looks exactly like a normal D handle shovel but with a smaller shovel head and much shorter. I honestly couldn’t figure out what you would use it for at first–it was far too short for the hold and stomp method, and if I were to try to dig holes with it then I would only be able to use my shoulders and back for the work–which isn’t good for you.

Black and Decker Garden Tools 5 Black and Decker Garden Tools 7 Bypass Pruners Collage


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My black and decker $39 circular saw the wife

Gave me 20 years ago is finally on its last legs. This summer was too much for it, it cut a bunch of 6" x 6" railroad ties for a raised bed garden and enough patio block for a dog pen and a walkway. I think cutting enough patio block to wear out one and half diamond blade is what killed my old saw, may it rest in pieces. The bronze bearings in it are worn out.
The six by ties were so thick I cut on all four sides with the circular saw and finished the center inch with a hand saw. You can do a 4" X 4" in two passes easy.
I have a chain saw which would take care of thick wood 123 but I didn't want to beat it up on treated wood ties

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Black and Decker Tools
Black and Decker Tools
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  • Avatar Weekend Warrior What is the best online store to buy tools from?
    Apr 07, 2007 by Weekend Warrior | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    For replacement batteries, pliers, accessories, power tools, etc.

    • has a massive selection of tools, batteries, hand tools and accessories. I use them where I work and have allways been pleased with them