Frugal Foodie's Best Wedding Registry Items for the Kitchen

kitchen toolsJune may be the popular month for weddings, but early spring is a busy time for wedding planning. Some 16% of proposals occur on Christmas or New Year’s, according to and another 10% on Valentine’s Day.

A major part of the planning process is setting up a gift registry. True, getting married isn’t about the presents — but this is a time when they’re likely to stack up.

The average wedding consists of 136 guests (according to The Wedding Report), and if you multiply that by the typical gift spending of $75 to $150 apiece, depending on the person’s budget and how well they know you, a newly married couple might receive over $10, 000 in wedding gifts.

So, when planning your registry, it’s smart to think about what you need.

Not only is this one of your only shots at asking for — and receiving — kitchen investments like stainless steel cookware or a top-of-the-line chef’s knife, but there are also plenty of bridal deals and discounts that come along with the registry game.

Manufacturers offer freebies just for putting certain gear on a registry, regardless of whether anyone gets it for you, and others offer incentives when people purchase certain gifts.

At Bed, Bath & Beyond, for example, just registering for $99.99 of Henckels flatware gets you a wood flatware storage box. Asking for, and actually receiving, $100 in Cuisinart cutlery comes with a four-piece ceramic knife set.

Plus, most registries offer some discounts after the wedding on any registry remnants that weren’t purchased, helping you get a better price on items you need.

So, what’s worth asking for? We talked to chefs and other foodies about goods that should be on your list.


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