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40 Philosophic Zen Garden

“Stone in zen garden might echo the look of he stone on the house”

“like the fusia garden concept, labyrinth”

“labyrinth garden a nice size with a gazebo in the middle would be nice”

“Zen garden walkway . Add perennials along walk”

“stone garden for child to play in”

“Walking meditation circle - spiritual garden”

“Create our zen in straight lines with red rocks and small gabion walls”

“"fusion garden" is another project by AguaFina Gardens. When designing your Zen garden, always look for ways to create meaning with your design. Rocks can symbolize many things, and gravel gives you the freedom to mold the landscape with designs you can later change for a different look.”

“walk is a garden focal point and a way to focus your thoughts. Note how the size of the stones goes from small to large as you move to the inside of the circle.

Source: www.houzz.com

Sterling/Tamos The Stained Glass Garden: Projects & Patterns
Book (Sterling/Tamos)

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Bird gardens

Bird Gardening
How to attract birds to your garden
There are very few of us who do not enjoy the sight and sounds of birds in the garden. Even in the gray of winter, our feathered friends bring you joy and happiness as they flirt playfully about the feeder bringing color and excitement to our lives.
Like all wildlife, birds need reasons to be attracted to our property. Stocking a winter feeder or providing a few birdhouses or a birdbath is a good start. By adding a few basic requirements in the form of landscape plantings, we can attract and keep birds of many species close to our homes

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Creating Personalized Zen Gardens
Creating Personalized Zen Gardens
zen garden designs stones
zen garden designs stones
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