The Real Dirt On Gardening

Its' design came about from the window farming phenomenon begun in New York City a few years back. The only thing missing here which is essential to hydroponics and urban dwellers is an automated recirculation system for the nutrients solution to reach the plants roots.
Auxano instead require the user to squeeze, by hand, the black button on the bottom of the tube to force water and nutes up to the root zone.
The problem here is it does not take into account the roots drying out on a warm day while the gardener is out at work. Also it makes for too much "work." Hydroponic systems are all about the ease of operation and hands off approach except on harvest day.
Building on the window farming idea however is a London based project in an empty storefront titled sill-to-sill. Sill-to-sill is a competitive entry in a contest to design new urban plant shops to encourage urban farming and home grown foods. The sill-to-sill entry was designed by Hackney City Farm which for twenty years has been giving everyone a chance to experience farming right in the city.


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Japanese garden

I own a loft townhouses with an elevated second floor where i plan to do a Japaneses style garden. Area is small
Was quoted $1500 from a local landscaper but seems to much for the size of the area.
Basically im looking to design and do it myself. Have some white and dark grey stones in mind. any names of common plants that will give it that feel will be helpful. design ideas, places in miami that where i can get these stones in large quantities and/or large rock to place budda on,

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