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townhouse garden by river beforeFor this riverside garden the clients asked that the design should feature a large central entertaining space where they could seat the whole family, and guests for meals. They wanted raised beds for ease on maintenance and absolutely no grass. The rest was up to us to come up with a garden design that would still look attractive despite being mostly paved.

The real danger with so much hard surface is that the garden could end up looking like a very dull yard. To overcome this we designed in round turrets at each corner to break up the raised beds, and added stained timber sleepers to top off the low walls for a softer appearance and to add some warmth to the hardscape. And for our final trick we slightly skewed the whole thing so that the beds would have some variation of depth to the planting.


EPM Publications The Townhouse Gardener: Distinctive Landscape Designs for Small Gardens in the Mid-Atlantic Region
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Japanese garden

I own a loft townhouses with an elevated second floor where i plan to do a Japaneses style garden. Area is small
Was quoted $1500 from a local landscaper but seems to much for the size of the area.
Basically im looking to design and do it myself. Have some white and dark grey stones in mind. any names of common plants that will give it that feel will be helpful. design ideas, places in miami that where i can get these stones in large quantities and/or large rock to place budda on,

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  • Avatar KellaBoatner How to landscape a townhouse patio?
    Jun 17, 2006 by KellaBoatner | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    How do I landscape around a townhouse patio that is 12' x 25' ? Right now there is nothing but a concrete patio.

    • Container gardening can really make an impact. Strawberry pots, Barrels with small trees etc. If you live in a 4 season climate, you might want to get casters for some of your plants and transfer them to the indoors when it gets cold. If you live in an area that has mild winters, cactus plants are beautiful. Hanging plants like ferns also look lovely outdoors.