Succulent garden design, ideas for landscaping with succulents

Aloe arborescens, aeoniums in bloom, Agave americana 'Marginata', Bonney gardenFifteen tips to help you create a beautiful succulent garden
1. Soil Succulents are not fussy about soil, providing it drains well. Roots that sit in water may rot. Amend heavy garden soil half-and-half with decomposed granite or crushed pumice. To further enhance drainage, plant succulents atop mounds. For containers, use "cactus mix, " or add pumice or perlite to regular potting soil.

2. Water Succulents are low-water plants but they are not no-water plants. They look best when given regular water. The rule of thumb is the fleshier the plant, the more camel-like, and the less water it requires. Soil should go nearly dry between waterings.Agave americana and California poppies, Debra's garden uring dormancy (usually the winter months). Cacti in particular cannot tolerate overwatering.

3. Add color to your garden Leaves and stems of succulents come in a wide variety of colors, including dark magenta, and shades of red, orange, green, yellow, tan, and even blue.

Some succulents also have wonderful flowers and bloom during the winter months. In the garden shown here, aloes bloom red-orange, and aeoniums bright yellow, December through February.

4. Companion plants Plant low-water, non-succulent perennials and annuals amid your succulents for spectacular floral color in spring.

Companions that work well include orange African daisies, purple statice, blue babiana (a South African bulb) and California poppies (shown here with ice plant and Agave americana).

5. Focal points A garden needs focal points to anchor compositions---such as a large and dramatic aloe, agave, euphorbia or columnar cactus.

Focal points also might be a sculpture, a bench, a large pot, or even an interesting window in a wall.

Aeoniums in bloom next to window in wall, Schaefer garden Blue senecio, Kalanchoe luciae in Applebaum garden Kalanchoe luciae, aloe, blue senecio, barrel cactus, variegated Portulacaria afra, garden by Jeff Moore Columnar cactus and yuccas with boulders in Bailey garden


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