Small garden Ideas and Designs

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Small garden ideas and designs

“gravel garden Martin Residence Cardiff by the Sea, Ca”

“Ivy interior wall. Pots in garden. Greenery. Hedge.”

“Medieval enclosed gardens were enjoyed mainly by the wealthy, who could afford the cost of construction and”

“patio with folage.. small area like 880 sq feet space on back of house.. maybe a brick bbq pit in patio furniture in place of that thing in middle”

“totally transforming with a small area”

“Using my very unscientific analysis method, I’d say this garden is 40 percent space and 60 percent stuff — hence the more intimate appearance. The garden has an obvious central axis, and the garden elements on each side of the imaginary line mirror one another. With the exception of”

“enclosed gardens were enjoyed mainly by the wealthy, who could afford the cost of construction and upkeep, but monastic gardens were also enclosed. Monks required seclusion for their contemplative lives, and the hortus conclusus gave them the required sense of security and seclusion.In this garden of today


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small english garden design ideas

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

It's your garden, you know best what kind of looks, plants and designs you like.
Landscape architects are not cheap. I also find, they often want to show a certain level of sophistication, so they would use the most exotic plants; ones the average home-owner would have a hard time finding.
And if you then have to substitute: You wasted the money on the L.A.'s ideas.
Also, if you intend to install the project yourself, you better know what you're doing. I cannot tell you how many times I ran into situation, where the sprinkler-system was set up completely wrong, and it was a major head-ache repairing, resp

A 'Transformed' Madison Square Garden Not Necessarily An Improvement  — Forbes
Now, the Garden is two bowls of seating, like pretty much every other modern arena. All that was distinctive about MSG has been eviscerated, as has that sense of openness. ..

$20 Million Lawsuit Against Alexander Calder's Art Dealer Is Dismissed  — Huffington Post
The Berggruen Museum, housing the modern art collection of collector and dealer Heinz Berggruen, has been expanded with an extra building and a garden.

A year of life-changing resolutions  — Toronto Star
Last year at this time I wrote a column titled, “Dear Garden: I will change.” It generated more comments and interest .. I found a small park, located under a hydro right-of-way with one large tree growing on the margin of the parking lot.

Stylish and Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Stylish and Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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  • Avatar Kayla Looking for landscaping ideas for my backyard?
    May 03, 2007 by Kayla | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    Just bought a brand new house. Want a low maintenance back yard, don't want any grass, but do want the yard look artistic. The back yard is wide, but not deep. The size is about 23 X 60 feet. Any idea?

    • How about a series of garden "rooms" joined by a single pathway the length of the yard, all of which could have different themes.(English cottage, Japanese, water, ) You could also make a courtyard garden with a patio centered around a fountian or pond with gardens surrounding it on 3 sides.