Designing a Raised Bed Garden

raised bed vegetable garden!

11 Ideas to Consider when Designing a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

  1. Set up the raised bed garden the right way in the beginning!

  2. Plan your raised garden bed exactly how you want it because it can be difficult to move later. Trust me, I know! Make it adaptable so that you can add more raised beds as you need them. There is never enough space in the garden. Make sure the raised bed garden is expandable as you may want to add more raised beds later.
  3. Make each vegetable bed a separate box garden.

    Originally I connected a few beds together and discovered that it was a pain to move around. When I attached the beds together I found that I either had to climb across them or make a long trek around the beds to get to the other side. Smaller unattached beds will allow for greater mobility. A 4'x8' is probably as large as you need and a 4'x4' box garden works very well. Follow the next tip and you will be on the right track!
  4. Leave a space of at least 2 feet between beds for easy access.

    Larger spaces might be better for wheelbarrow access or (if needed) handicap access. Your vegetable garden's raised bed arrangement should make things convenient for planting, harvesting, and cleanup. You want a garden that is comfortable to move around which makes your time in the garden much more pleasant!
  5. Over time the initial costs of the materials will even out. Stone will last as long as you could hope for but it's pricey and while cedar will last much longer than other types of wood it also tends to be more expensive. Using cedar might help your beds last 3-6 years as opposed to 1-2 for pine. I'll be replacing the pine wood I used next year. The one advantage to pine is it is cheap. Using a food safe wood sealer on the wood can help your beds last longer. How you build your raised garden beds depends on two things time and money.Summer squash blossom grown in raised beds stone works great because it lasts with wood you will eventually replace the raised bed. Consider alternative materials like metal for your raised beds. Here's one raised bed I put together this year: sheet metal raised beds.
  6. Level the soil underneath the raised beds.

    A slight slope isn't a big deal but you definitely don't want your soil to flow out of the raised beds. You can also adjust for the slope with the construction of your raised beds. Just make the low end of the raised bed higher. Don't let a sloped property discourage you from making a raised bed garden. Raised beds can in fact be a solution to problem areas!
  7. How to execute and install an irrigation system.

    Drip lines are relatively cheap to install but soaker hoses work well too. Whichever route you take place the water line underneath your mulch, this will keep it from evaporating your money...oops, I mean water! Using a sprinkler will send water into the air which will evaporate and allow water to rest on the leaves of plants which can contribute to fungal diseases.
  8. Sunlight!

    Position the garden...


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Basics of Raised Bed Gardening
Basics of Raised Bed Gardening
How to build a Raised Bed Garden
How to build a Raised Bed Garden

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