Perennial Flower Garden Design Ideas

Nothing is more uplifting than a garden filled with color and fragrance. Fragrance can make the difference between a pretty garden and an unforgettable one. Whether it's the scent of fresh flowers on a summer day or a garden filled with butterflies and hummingbirds, fragrance adds an extra dimension of enjoyment.

Scent has an emotional impact that visual impressions often lack. We instinctively lean into a pretty flower hoping it has an equally appealing fragrance. Scents can trigger our memory, uplift our spirits, and even help us sleep better. They contribute to our psychological and physical well-being—stimulating the brain and slowing the pulse.

The alluring scents of many perfumes come straight from the garden

Unfortunately, modern breeding often focuses on the visual appeal of many garden favorites at the expense of fragrance. We have become accustomed to shop with our eyes and overlook some wonderful perennial plants that will reward us with perfumed blooms from early spring through the end of summer.

With garden centers offering perfumed groundcovers, spectacularly fragrant flowering trees and everything in between, integrating fragrance into a garden has never been easier. with fragrant foliage are unattractive to pests, making them the perfect addition to any garden.

Woodland Phlox

Woodland phlox is an early spring bloomer–its light, sweet scent gives the first hint of fragrant summer flowers. It spreads readily to carpet the ground with pretty blue flowers from April through June and thrives in shady spots where many other flowering plants struggle.

With small delicate flowers floating above low green foliage, woodland phlox fills in those blank spots in the early spring garden, making it a great companion plant for spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and allium. It also provides great contrast and color when paired with shade staples like hosta and painted ferns.


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Good books to help with Japanese style

Garden architecture are :
Creating Japanese Gardens by Ortho Books - A GREAT little paperback with excellent information and it is very very affordable.
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The Art of Japanese Joinery - excellent small paperback , depicting wonder carpentry details for outdoor and indoor J

Pergola's are great and easy to build. Here is a

Basic kit (bottom of post) to give you an idea of parts but the great thing about these is you can really make them totally custom to what you need once you understand the basic design that makes them work. Lattice doesn't make much of a vision barrier I've found out trying to do the same thing myself so you might start thinking of vine or a plant that will cover the lattice to provide your privacy screen.
Goggling pergola or pergola designs will get you many ideas on different shapes and ways to make them. I toned it down a bit and just used 4x4's and 2x2's and 2x8's and it worked fine

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