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Improve your Lifestyle: Let the Sun Shine In
Outdoor fireplaces create a relaxing and fun atmosphere for your family and your friends. Get toasty next to the flames as you roast marshmallows. Everyone would love to hang out next to a well-design
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1. Granite & Recycled Glass Engineered granite and recycled glass designed to fit over and bond directly with existing surfaces, these brilliantly conceived aggregate materials will add style and piz
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Suburbs around the country are increasingly adapting the exposed brick wall appear to their homes as inner city house tend to do. Texture, age, and the color can create warmth and bring the room to li
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Guide To Outdoor Fireplaces The Best Components For Your Master Bath The Urban Touch With Exposed Brick Walls

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I spend time on my gardening journal

I try to keep it up to date while I'm working in the garden.
I'm in the process of plotting out my new expanded garden so I'm utilizing the land better.
I have a pile of gardening catalogs that I keep paging thru and I'm getting set to put down some gourds seeds early to see if that might make a difference in the number of mature ones at harvest time.
My growing season isn't very long here in Minnesota...and my other project is after I've plotted out my vegetable garden, to design a system of PVC pipes with holes in them for watering.
The ol'man here is pretty handy with that stuff and it'd be even nicer if he could hook it up to the timer on the sprinkler system so I could spend more time at our cabin,not having to worry about the vegetables burning up when...

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Landscape Garden Design Ideas
Landscape Garden Design Ideas

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  • Avatar FarmCzar Do you use a computer for garden layout? What garden design software do you use?
    Mar 27, 2011 by FarmCzar | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I'm especially interested in cheap or free garden design software, or a good online garden design site.
    I actually prefer to design on paper, but I get a lot of questions from people asking about design software, which I know nothing about. Yet another good reason to be part of Yahoo Answers!
    Thanks for your thoughtful responses!

    • Landscape design is merely an avocation for me and I haven't designed a garden for anyone but myself in a couple years. When I do I've always used bubble sketches and water colors.
      This Christmas however I was give …rity.
      Evidently the computer is a little more optimistic about my Z4 growing conditions than the plants are.
      I think in your line of work it could be helpful but I'll stick to my sketches.