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Dallas Website Design Example – Into the Garden

Recently, we launched our client’s redesigned website. Into the Garden has location in both Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth, TX. The original site had flash animations, did not have a Content Management System (CMS) for managing the products, and the information was incorrect.Into-the-Garden_home_v9 needed a fresh makeover.

We created a responsive website built as a custom WordPress theme, and customized the dashboard to be a true CMS system to manage information, products, pictures, and information.

Responsive Design

Into the Garden now has a fresh website design that isn’t a burden to change information, pictures or details. Additionally, its adaptable to mobile devices and tablets for an excellent user experience. Contact D6 Interactive to get in touch about a redesign for your business today!

Into-the-Garden_INNER1_v2 Into-the-Garden_ProductDetails_v1 responsive_garden_design itg

Source: www.d6interactive.com

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I'm in the process of plotting out my new expanded garden so I'm utilizing the land better.
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My growing season isn't very long here in Minnesota...and my other project is after I've plotted out my vegetable garden, to design a system of PVC pipes with holes in them for watering.
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  • Avatar Lydia S What are some designs for an on ground tree house?
    Mar 15, 2010 by Lydia S | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to make an on ground tree house so I can put all my gardening tools in. It needs to be at least 6 feet high. The problem is, I don't know any designs for it. Any ideas? It has to be wide enough and big enough so I can fit in it and put ALL my stuff in it.

    • A big room with a slant roof would be a great idea as it will give you the 6 feet height that you want int your tree house, make it a big room and divide it with arches or divisions so that it will offer you sections to … tidy instead of people falling on them, storage cabinets are a necessity for your tree house to make it a safe and happy place

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