real simple garden tool storage

real simple garden tool storageHi there! How are you today?

I am doing great. To say that Joel and I are like kids in a candy store settling into our new space is an understatement. We thought we had an understanding about how much we really missed tinkering around a house and yard and creating a space we love. But seriously, even we didn’t realize exactly how much this little move would fill us up.


Yeah, that’s pretty much what it sounds like inside my brain on a regular basis right now.

But that’s not to say it’s all warm and fuzzy all the time. I am constantly oscillating between unpacking more boxes and then organizing the madness that has been unpacked.

The only supplies you’ll need are a not oft seen exterior wall and the following:One of my personal priorities is the shed/tool storage and getting everything in order so there is at least a little sense of order when we start tearing apart every room around here. And getting everything out of order. :)

And as quickly as I try to find a place for everything and get everything in it’s place, my dear sweet husband is working tirelessly to turn our little yard into a cozy retreat. And leaving a trail of garden tools in his wake.

So in order to prevent myself from starting to twitch every time I find a random garden tool lying around I found a little out-of-the-way space and created some real simple garden tool storage without spending a penny. Score!!!

Step 3 – Hammer in the nails.Seriously, this is so simple, and so out of the way, and so easy for Joel to access when he needs to and hopefully so simple for him to keep his toys garden tools organized and out from under my feet.

So, side note, but do any of you have labels for your things in your shed or garage? I told Joel that I wanted a label maker and he said “you should totally get one”. And I said that I thought it would help him keep everything in the right spot in the shed. And he said “that’s stupid”. ;) But there are few things I dislike more than looking for something that I know where it is supposed to be and having it not be there and knowing who was the last to use it.

Is that organized or anal?

Ok, back to this husband proof real simple garden tool storage idea.

After tripping over the garden tools a handful of times I decided to just take the side of the shed that is only 2 feet from our property line and create a little grid of sorts of hanging garden tools.

I had actually laid out the tools on the ground and then totally disregarded my plan. Here’s what I ended up doing.

Step 1 – Take your largest, most awkwardly shaped tool (ours is the large lawn rake) and find a spot where it will fit well.

Step 2 – Use your pencil to mark where to put your nails.

real simple garden tool storage real simple garden tool storage


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