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Design tips for residential retaining walls

  • Elaine M. Johnson Landscape Design in Centerville, MA
  • Cipriano Landscape Design in Mahwah, NJ
  • Big Sky Landscaping Inc. in Portland, OR
  • Woody's Custom Landscaping in Battle Ground, WA
  • Romani Landscape Architecture in Glencoe, IL
  • Huettl Landscape Architecture in Walnut Creek, CA
  • Accent Landscapes in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Mid Atlantic Enterprise Inc in Williamsburg, VA
  • Belknap Landscape Co., Inc. in Gilford, NH
  • This drawing shows a cross-section of a 4' retaining wall.

Retaining WallA retaining wall is a specially designed structure that holds soil on one side and is free standing on the other. They help to accommodate changes in grade in a landscape with uneven topography. These walls often allow steeper cuts to a slope to yield more usable space on a cut-and-fill hillside lot. Hard working retaining walls can be key to creating a level sports lawn or driveway too.

  • Pro Tip: Walls are a long term investment. You can change planting every ten years, but walls are forever."--Joseph Heuttl, Huettl Landscape Architecture in Walnut Creek, CA

Retaining walls are also used on level ground to raise living spaces above the surrounding ground plain. A well designed retaining wall can elevate planting areas for improved drainage while at the same time creating a seatwall. There is no end to the benefits of these heavy barriers, but they can be costly and must be strictly constructed to prevent failure.

What makes retaining walls so challenging is their strength, which is best illustrated by the incredible loads they carry, known as lateral earth pressure. This is created by more than just the weight of soil. Water behind the wall causes buildup of hydrostatic pressure which is the reason for most wall failures. Only through adequately designed drainage structures and waterproofing can the best designed wall survive over time.

Retaining Wall Gray Block Wall, Curved Retaining Wall
Retaining and Landscape Wall
Woody's Custom Landscaping Inc
Battle Ground, WA Terraced, White Walls
Retaining and Landscape Wall
Romani Landscape Architecture
Glencoe, IL Wall


Schiffer Publishing Retaining Walls: A Building Guide and Design Gallery (Schiffer Books)
Book (Schiffer Publishing)

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A serious question for garden/landscape designer

I, (we, my husband and I) are trying to develop a business as landscape designers. We are not newbies to this. We have both been in the industry as nurseryfolk, growers, plant brokers, wholesale, retail for over 10 years each. More recently (about 1 1/2 years) have gotten into landscape design & installation for retail customers. The things we have not done in the ag industry are: farmers, full-out landscape contractors (hardscape/pond/major irrigation/excavation/curbing, etc), lawn maintenance (cut/edge/blow), or landscape architects. Due to life stage, we would like to develop as said designer/ installers, maybe sub out for added/desired client needs (irrigation setup,...

Drip irrigation and veggie gardens

Lots of problems with this. By design, we change around our veggie gardens each year. This means that typical drip systems also need to be changed around to fit the new arrangement. That's not easy to to.
The only time I could make a drip system work for me was with soaker hoses. My veggie garden was on a slope and I dug my furrows into an SSSS shape running back and forth across the slope. Then I put dual soaker hoses on a timer that followed the furrows - back and forth --- down the hill.
Everything was planted along lines created by the soaker hoses.
But now I use boxes and there are too many issues with drip systems running across boxes and the spaces between boxes, and dealing with the "square-foot" intensive planting technique.
I water by hand now.

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  • Dramatic transformations with timelines
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  • Avatar brian How to build a retaining wall from railway sleepers?
    Jul 03, 2011 by brian | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I need to build a retaining wall in our back garden, it needs to be 2 metres high by about 25 metres. Thought it may be nice to construct it from railway sleepers, does anyone know how to do this? Was wondering how deep the sleepers need to be buried and how to construct the footings. Any help/info is greatly appreciated.

    • If you bank the hill slightly then the rails are laid against the slopeand bedded in. This will probably stop erosion. But a retaining wall must withstand the weight and pressure of frozen water, so it is an engineering question, whether you get someone or figure it out yourself.