Your Herb Garden Design Can Be As Unique As You Are ...

As with any other art form, there is no "wrong" herb garden design ... so choose the design that makes sense to you.

Your herb garden design plans might include:

  • herbs chosen just for their fragrance,
  • a garden of medicinal herbs,
  • herbs for potpourri,
  • a dye garden,
  • herbs for your religious ceremonies,
  • or some of each.

People have been planting herb gardens for centuries. As you read the ideas here, consider what elements you like best and would fit into your unique herb garden design.

Some questions to ask yourself when starting an herb garden:

  • How much time do I have for maintenance? This is not an issue if you're having a company do your garden maintenance (insist that they not use chemicals!) but if you do your own gardening, larger gardens will take more work.
  • How will I use my herbs? If you'd like a kitchen herb garden to grow herbs for cooking, place your herb garden close to your kitchen so you can reach it easily.

    If you want to grow large amounts of herbs for drying, dyes, cut flowers, or medicinal uses, you can put your herb garden anywhere that's convenient.

  • Do I want a formal or informal herb garden? Formal gardens are usually set out in some geometric pattern, along with paved areas, benches, and garden accessories like birdbaths, urns or statuary.

    Consider combining herbs with dwarf or espalier fruit trees and/or ornamental vegetables (this is known as a potager) if space for your formal garden is an issue. Woody herbs like rosemary and bay are useful in creating hedges, topiary, or bonsai.

    An informal herb garden designMany famous herb gardens throughout history have been informal, so if you decide a formal garden isn't for you, that's quite all right.

  • Do I want a theme garden? Some examples of theme gardens are perennial herb gardens, culinary herb gardens, only using annual herbs, or planting herbs of a certain color or shape.
  • How much space do I have to spare? Obviously, you're not going to recreate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in a 10 by 10 backyard. But you can get a lot of herbs into a small space! Vertical and container herb gardens are particularly good ways to make use of tiny or otherwise wasted areas.
  • What is my climate like? Many herbs love wet cool areas (like parsley) while others love it hot and dry (like lavender). Pick the herbs that love your area, at least for some of the year, because happy plants will look their best.

Starting an herb garden

Planning your herb garden design is not that different from . Pick an area that gets at least 5 hours of full sun a day for most herbs (six to eight is better, ten is best) with good drainage. Some herbs that prefer cool and wet weather (such as parsley) will do better in partial shade if you have hot humid summers.


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The only time I could make a drip system work for me was with soaker hoses. My veggie garden was on a slope and I dug my furrows into an SSSS shape running back and forth across the slope. Then I put dual soaker hoses on a timer that followed the furrows - back and forth --- down the hill.
Everything was planted along lines created by the soaker hoses.
But now I use boxes and there are too many issues with drip systems running across boxes and the spaces between boxes, and dealing with the "square-foot" intensive planting technique.
I water by hand now.

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