Garden Design Mag is Back and Totally Different!

gd website-001Once a fan of, I came to dislike it enough to ask for my unused subscription money back after it changed its target audience to the rich and beautiful people of Southern California, with their $1, 000 patio chairs and al fresco dinner parties. So I wasn’t the least bit sad about the magazine coming to an end in the spring of this year.

But to my surprise and delight, it’s and looks to be far better this time. Here’s why I’m so optimistic.

The new print edition of GD will have 132 heavy-stock pages and NO ADS! Yes, it’ll be entirely subscriber-supported, so it can give readers what they want, not what the advertisers want. The magazine has a new publisher, Jim Peterson, and he’s making sure the content will be “more accessible.”

And music to my Eastern ears was hearing that GD’s new focus is all of North America! Already Jim is lining up garden writers from all corners of the continent, and he’s saving 5-10% of the space for gardens in other parts of the world. The gardens, like the patio chairs, will be more accessible and will have take-aways for readers to maybe even use in their own gardens, without having to hire high-end designers.

What GD Magazine is NOT going to include is also good news – the how-to stuff that’s covered by all the other magazines (“Composting 101″). Those topics are important but after reading them for 40 years, I’ve lost interest.

Loving the Website

Print won’t start until next summer but the is already much, much better. What had previously been a placeholder with nothing much but how to subscribe, is now chockful of content, 90% of it brand new and updated several times a week with new material. Just “like” Garden Design on Facebook or subscribe to their e-news to find out what’s new. The print version will not repeat what’s on the web or vice versa; both will stand on their own.


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