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I have posted this several times, but I think its a great idea for us novice gardeners.
1). Take digital photos of your yard (I did all 4 sides of the house).
2). Import them into a Word document
3). Edit the pictures and add dimensions like
length/width of yard, length width of eash gardening space, patios, house, ect.
4). Draw a to-scale drawing of your yard
5). Create a binder to carry around with you when you go to nurseries.
Once all your info is in Word you can carry a print out with you. Go to some GOOD nurseries during the slow hours and pick their brains

Madison Square Garden has lost its soul  — The Roar
For me, and many thousands like me, heaven looks a lot like Madison Square Garden, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street, right there in the bustling heart of Midtown Manhattan. .. of the national anthem and don't stop until ..

Care and removal of holiday greens  —
If you have other natural greens as part of your indoor holiday decorating, check them for freshness. If needles and leaves are .. Denny McKeown is owner of Bloomin' Garden Centre in Blue Ash. Contact him at Tweet. Email; Print; Share.

Garden design ideas
Garden design ideas
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Contemporary garden design - …

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