Landscape Design: French Garden

Landscape Design: French GardenFrench garden is a formal garden that just like Italian garden is based on principles of symmetry and order.The Gardens of Versailles are considered an epitome of jardin à la française as they include numerous geometric patterns, architecural elements and water features.


The French Renaissance garden is similar to Italian Renaissance garden and takes cues from it. Emerged in 16th century the French garden shared much of its features with the Italian one.Landscape Design: French Garden it’s just 800. They featured fountains, statues, and parterres.


French garden is all about symmetry and decoration. Geometrically-shaped hedges and shrubs are complemented with parterres and pathways, bosquets and topiaries.Landscape Design: French Garden water wells like fountains and pools. The so-called broderies decorate the parterres adding curves to the strict geometric shapes that dominate in the garden.

How To Create

To create a French style garden make sure the house is the focal point and greenery is sleek and maintained. Geometrical shrubs and intricate topiaries are the key features to use but you can also have lots of architectural elements at your disposal. Think fountains, statuary and stairs that connect various parts of the garden.

The plants to use for your French garden are lavender, dahlias, cannas, and agapanthus. Though initially French garden was not too colorful it was later enhanced with various other flowers. Be sure to keep hedges and topiaries maintained as the clean lines and geometric shapes are crucial to the style of French garden. If you want an informal French style garden go for the country garden look with brighter colors and a bit more relaxed (more natural) look.

Landscape Design: French Garden Landscape Design: French Garden Landscape Design: French Garden


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All yards are not created equal.

There are so many outlying factors that are weighed in when designing a garden for a back yard.
Even if you were given 50 back yards that were all the same dimensions you will have 50 different designs because you have 50 different opinioned clients.
One wants a Japanese garden with traditional authentic stone work, while the next one wants a English cottage garden and the next one wants a Moorish styled garden.
Each design is built with completely different materials so each design has to be detailed and drafted differently .
A design that details extensive architectual detailing takes a lot longer to craft than a planting plan

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  • Avatar Lindsey Ball What color should I choose for my country style kitchen?
    Sep 29, 2010 by Lindsey Ball | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am using Better Homes and Gardens Interior Design Software and I have decorated the kitchen with a lot of country stuff like chickens, cows, pigs, country eggs, aunt jamima so my kitchen right now is like a tanish brownish color. The cabinets and the drows are tan and the wallpaper is a tan decoration. So I am trying to find a color for my kitchen to go with the country style.

    • When I think country, I think red or blue. These articles from may help you choose a paint color.