the Rock Garden

{Diagram 5}Ah! the plants. Where would we be without the plants?

A well constructed rock garden will provide many different habitats for your plants. Crevices and valleys will be created along with the moraine and scree conditions of the open terraces. There are a multitude of alpine plants eminently suitable for rock garden culture and it would be futile of me to attempt a comprehensive listing, when experience tells me that no two gardeners share the same preferences. (If you have a few hundred pounds to spare [or even more dollars] you could treat yourself to a copy of the AGS Encyclopaedia Of Alpines),
However, whether your choice is for the high alpine androscaces, or the more common but equally significant hybrid sempervivums, the same rules of planting will apply. If the majority of your plant acquisitions are seed raised, it may be as well to consider growing them on, in a compost similar to that of their eventual home. This will reduce the risk of failure when transplanting them into the rock garden. If you use predominantly nursery-grown stock, then talk to the proprietor and find out what mix he uses for his sale plants. A similar mix can then be added to the planting hole in the rock garden, which should ensure less trauma for the transplant. Another alternative is to remove the plants from their pots and wash off all the soil from the roots and transplant the bare-rooted specimen. This is a tricky exercise at the best of times and should only be attempted by the more experienced growers who will know "the right time" to do it.

Again, I would not presume to tell the more experienced gardeners how to plant a plant. But if you are fortunate enough to know how to do it, then please have patience whilst I explain the principles ( See Diagram 5) to the beginner.

Remove the compost from the position your plant will take up and then take out a further 50%.
Insert your plant into the hole and raise it up approx 3cm above the surrounding compost.
Fill in the rest of the planting hole with the compost you removed and firm it around the roots of the plant, ensuring that the plant is secure in its new home.
Top dress the plant with pea gravel, stone, grit, or whatever was in your grand design, making sure that the 3cm gap under the cushion/rosette is packed tightly with this top dressing. Top dress the surrounding area with the same stone, to the same level. This top dressing will ensure that the cushion/rosette has perfect drainage underneath it (a mandatory requirement) and that the surrounding soil will maintain an adequate moisture level.


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Make it a garden room.

If you have enough light, or can arrange grow lights nicely. Ooh, if you had a skylight... You could grow some tropicals, palms, orchids, ferns. Make watertight "raised beds", in different heights, line the bottoms with pretty river rocks, have tall plants, short plants, ceiling hooks for hanging plants, and pick low to medium light things so you don't have ten million watts of electricity going eight hours a day. A humidifier. Some beautiful watering cans, different sizes. They make some really nice indoor/outdoor area rugs in some fabulous designs, just a smallish one for the center of the room

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  • Avatar Alex F How do you rake a rock garden without ruining the pattern?
    Feb 29, 2008 by Alex F | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I want to build a rock garden. does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find more information on how to design them?

    • I have built many rock gardens of different kinds. I did a mosaic rock design around square landscape bricks and it turned out pretty neat.
      I didn't know how to keep leaves and debris out so I got smaller rake at … of rock walls and a pond with extensive rock work around it. All this started with small 10 foot rock garden.
      Here is some good photos to start with:
      is couple more sites with helpful info: