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More than likely, every gardener, no matter how large or small the garden plants containers of some kind. For some people their entire garden is containers. Proven Winners® is known for having great combination planter ideas and there are hundreds of container garden recipes available for browsing on our website. However, you may also want to design your own container gardens. This is one of a series of articles on designing container gardens.

The first thing to consider when you start designing your container garden is color. There are a number of different ways to combine colors in a combination planter. color combination, in this article.

The easiest container to design is the mono-crop or mono-culture container. This is simply choosing a single variety for your container, although more than one plant may be used to fill the pot. It couldn't be simpler and it doesn't have to be boring. Mono-culture plantings are great for highlighting a great piece of pottery or creating a solid pop of color. l fill your container well. The pottry used adds another dimension to your design. Any type of pot, from classic to colorful to a found object, can work with a mono-culture planting. To see more mono-crop recipes (they are mixed with mono-color designs).

The next simplest design is the mono-color design. Mono-color or monochromatic designs use a range of shades of a single color - different shades of pink or purple, red or orange, yellow or blue. olor combinations utilize at least two different shades of a color, but because you are using the same color you don't have to worry about the colors clashing. However, you still get some color variation. When putting together a mono-color design you want to choose a pot that is either a neutral color (white, terra cotta, black, silver, etc) or coordinates with your color scheme. To see more mono-color designs (they are mixed with mono-crop designs).

The rest of the container designs are different ways of utilizing more than one color. There are as many ways to combine color as there are gardeners putting together planters. If you are happy with the colors you've used, then other opinions don't really matter. However, there are some rules of thumb that can help you put together good color combinations. To really understand the use of color, a color wheel is helpful. This article on color in the landscape, illustrates the color wheel and showcases many of the concepts we will talk about, but applies the theory to landscapes.


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gardening design ideas photos
gardening design ideas photos

Not to be mean

But perhaps you should think about somewhere else to renew your vows.
It'll be alot of HARD work to get a blank yard like that looking good (the right way)
Anything you plant now will not really have time to mature into intended landscaping. Even if you were to buy mature plants, (that would cost you an arm and a leg) they will still need time to settle etc.
Anything you plant for a lattice will take years to populate the lattice - at least enough for beauty - (and I'd choose passion vine for that btw)
Your first step it to design a plan on paper

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  • Avatar Angela What are low maintenance garden design ideas?
    Apr 05, 2012 by Angela | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I want to have a low maintenance garden since the house is a rental property. I do not live there. So, …water plans or cut a lawn often.

    All I can think about is to plan couple low water required shrubs, put some stones or barks. What are your workable ideas of a low maintenance garden? Please share. Thanks

    • Rather than grass go for paving slabs, gravel and bark chipping - with new planning laws you cannot just concrete over, it has to be permeable to prevent water run off. Put is some really nice effective plants that don't … Sempervirums(House Leeks) in the gravel. Some little blue anemones have self seeded in the gravel of a garden I visit and they look super at the moment.

      Hope some of these ideas are useful to you.good luck!