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We are a wholesale nursery located in Ingham (about 110km north of Townsville), in the beautiful tropics of North Queensland. We have been avid collectors of unusual plants (succulents) for the last 10 years, and have only recently decided to turn our passion into a wholesale nursery. We were initially drawn to agave and yucca plants because of their unique ability to flourish all year round with minimal attention, which we believe is important in today's society. With limited time, smaller garden spaces and many areas of our country experiencing water shortages, these plants are ideally suited. Almost all of the varieties we sell are used in our own gardens and can be freighted to most locations including Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
Our favourite plant is the Yucca Elephantipes as they are very popular for landscaping in the home garden. They can be grown in most areas along the east coast of Australia. They are well known for their low maintenance abilities. They produce flowers on a upright stem usually around 1m to 1.5m with a mass of white bell shaped flowers. The stem is thick and can be cut to produce what is called a multihead yucca with a shrub like effect. Yuccas are often featured in landscaping shows or home renovation shows and are widely used in the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne areas.
Landscaping design ideas:
Planted in a row always looks good.
Plant one or two as a feature with other small succulents around the base.

Source: www.wholesaleyucca.com

Nearly Natural Nearly Natural 5237 Yucca Silk Tree, 58.5-Inch, Green
Home (Nearly Natural)
  • At nearly 6 feet tall create a dramatic impression
  • 230 Leaves create a natural appearance
  • Three natural looking trunks
  • Pot Size 7.75w x 7h

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I've been playing around with

Virtual Designer from the BBC.Co.Uk website for my gardening blog and I like it a alot. It has a limited amount of plants but it's free and you can check your design as you go in 3D and when you're done you can tour your garden in 3D and walk around it and you can even save a few different drafts. You can use it on the website or download it to your computer.
I know there are some that are probably better to use but it's simple and in 3D and I can't really knock it since it's free.

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Art Ventures Plants of the Southwest (Southwest Designs)
Book (Art Ventures)
HOME-OUTDOOR AniMed Aniflex Complete Joint Care Supplement Garden, Lawn, Supply, Maintenance
Lawn & Patio (HOME-OUTDOOR)
  • Natural source of high quality protein and vitamin
  • Joint care supplement for horses
  • Contains glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane, yucca, and more
  • Available in various sizes
Collins Architectural Plants: Ferns, Palms, Hostas and Yuccas (Collins Practical Gardener)
Book (Collins)
1,000 x Yucca species mix Seed Seeds - Species include Yucca baccata, brevifolia, angustifolia, torreyi, whipplei, glauca, elata and others - EXCELLENT CACTUS SUCCULENT HOUSEPLANTS FOR INDOOR
Lawn & Patio ()
  • This Order = 1, Seeds ~!!
  • Yucca species mix ~!!
  • A blend on many different yucca species seeds from the Southwest and Mexico ~!!
  • Species include Yucca baccata, brevifolia, angustifolia, torreyi, whipplei, glauca, elata and others ~!!
  • Yucca species mix. A blend on many different yucca species seeds from the Southwest and Mexico. Species include Yucca baccata, brevifolia, angustifolia, torreyi...

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