Three Simple Tips for a Beautiful Ornamental Garden Bed

My garden beds are looking wonderful right about now, and, not to toot my own horn, but nothing else in the neighborhood comes close. I was pondering my success today, and decided that there was probably just a few key principles I follow in the design process to achieve the looks I’ve gotten. I know there are a lot of homeowners out there who probably do not want to think about garden design as much as I do, so I thought I’d share these three simple tips that anyone can follow to create a bed that looks like it was professionally designed and is visually appealing.

1. Avoid Straight Lines and Even Numbers

Your garden bed should avoid any and all straight lines. If your bed is a foundation planting the back of the bed may be straight because it borders the house, but the front better have a curve to it. Pickpockets and magicians move their hands in arcs to distract us because our eyes cannot follow curved lines as well as straight lines. So when you use a curved line in your garden design you’re forcing the eye to slow down and follow along it rather than skip to the end, you’re telling eyes to stop and smell the roses so to speak. It makes the garden more interesting. tion of a house. In a formal geometic garden straight lines can work, but such gardens also tend to require fulltime staffs of landscapers to maintain their precision pruning, they aren’t the style most of us want or can afford.

Even numbers, or planting things in matching pairs, should also be avoided, as they are easier for our brain to add up and categorize. Instead plant things in odd groups such as 3 or 7, it feels more natural and is more visually interesting.

2. Plant in Many Colors

Flowers are transient, foliage is forever. Every garden bed should have atleast one plant that has foliage that is red or purple, one that has golden or yellow foliage, and one that has silver or blue foliage. The more shades you can add the better, bonus points for black foliage.

In the red/purple foliage category there is barberry (in the pictures), purple smoke bush, ‘forest pansy’ redbud (a wonderful purple leaved tree seen in a picture here), various heuchera or heucherella (in one of the pictures), red maples (in one of the pictures), some ornamental cherries, some sedums, and some types of hardy hibiscus.

In the yellow/gold category there is golden privet (which smells wonderful and honey bees love, in a picture), eunonymous, lots of hostas, some heucheras or heucherellas, golden barberry, some arborvitae, some other evergreen hybrids, some sedums, and lysimachia.


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Where can I find "model" herb gardens?

I'm trying to plan a low-water-use herb (or mostly herb, ornamental plants are okay, too) garden for zone 8 and I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Design is most decidedly not my strong suit, and as soon as I have too many decisions to make, I get confused. Does anyone know of a website that has model herb (or herb-plus) gardens? The ideal would be a site that had both pictures of the garden -- showing the heights and colors of the plants in situ -- and a schematic that indicates which plants go where.
I'm used to finding everything online, but I suppose a book that did the same thing would also work :-)
Thanks very much.

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    Aug 23, 2006 by Cassiopeia | Posted in Cooking & Recipes

    I'm getting married soon and I really don't know a whole lot about cooking. I did find a Better Homes and Gardens Red Checked Newlywed Edition cookbook. Thankfully it has no red checks! It looked good, with information o … utensils, but I was wondering if the recipes were any good. Has anyone recently bought/ received/ used this or similar cookbooks? It's $30 so I would really like to know before I spent that much $. Please and thank you!

    • To be honest, I'm not too sure about that book. I am a Pampered Chef consultant, and I do know that we have some fabulous cookbooks. There is a brand new one coming out on Sept. 1 that is actually called "Cooking fo …h & Beyond, etc.) that will give you free stuff for doing a registry with them. Just thought I'd let you know about it in case you're interested in setting one up.

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