Pottery that brings Vermont charm to home and garden

tablesetting.jpgFarmhouse Pottery is operated out of her home-studio in Woodstock, Vermont, where she works with two master potters and a master perfumer. Zilian is responsible for the design of her stoneware tabletop collection and does the hand-dipped glazing herself.

A table for two set with Farmhouse Pottery tabletop stoneware.

Much of her tabletop pottery features the organic feel of a homemade hand-dipped piece. The stoneware collection includes provincial home staples such as a windrow berry bowl, farmer’s pitchers, milk jug vases, and a great, multi-use confit jar.

You’ll recognize the Farmhouse Pottery collection by the signature stamp on each product. Zilian does all of her own illustrations and graphic design.

But despite the name, Farmhouse Pottery isn’t all about hand-thrown ceramics. Zilian also has a passion for creating garden scents that last year round.photo 2.JPG den.

Her apothecary line also includes lavender bath salts made with essential and natural oils, organic hydrating body milk, and home-pressed soaps that smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Herbs including parsley, thyme and Rosemary grown in Farmhouse Pottery stoneware garden pots can perk up a city windowsill.

Zilian is zealous about being true to the New England experience -- almost everything she uses in her products is sourced within 20 miles of her Vermont home. Her Hutch+Pantry line offers gift sets that include a hand-made honey pot paired with Vermont-farmed honey and a small barrel pitcher with Vermont-farmed maple syrup that Zilian retrieved from a local evaporator herself. For her stoneware saltcellar, she goes a bit farther a field by filling it with freshly harvested sea salt from the coast of Maine.

herbs.JPG vases.JPG zoe.JPG

Source: www.boston.com

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The New England winter time landscape can be exciting when a blanket of snow outlines the distinct forms and lines of the landscape.
Now is an excellent time to see & plan out your conifers, strong background , mid ground and foreground evergreens as well as striking sculptural deciduous tree forms and bark colors.
Once you have a good set of architectural bones laid out then you are set up to start planning the more ephemeral planting schemes within your framework , ie,- perennials, bulbs, herbs, vegetables, deciduous vines and...

A Plan

Most of the plants that have been recomended to you are very high in maintenance and known to be invasive in New England. You would want to stay away from aggressive growing vines like wisteria. The steps you need to take are as follows:
1. Planning and Design - set your budget and time requirements. Find examples of what you like or mother likes, there are many horticulture and garden design magazines out there. Keep your palate of materials simple.
2. Site preparation - First off you will have to clear and grub all roots and sod. This can be done with a few tools (gas powered preferably) and a strong back

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