Minimalist Garden Design In the Narrow Land

Minimalist Garden Design In the Narrow LandIf you have a narrow land, does not mean you can not bring a beautiful garden in front of the house. Because, you can evade by applying minimalist garden design. This type of garden is capable of displaying a neat garden and can be tailored to your home land.

The concept of minimalist garden are usually using some major tanamam selected as the plant which will be the center of the park, the addition of supporting plants in a neat layout and use of pot will nicely add to the beauty of the park. Pots of plants minimalist concept can be selected by adjusting the concept initially determined.

The concept of minimalist garden provides a wide selection of types of pots that supports the design concept, you can easily choose the type potbunga or plants that will beautify the park Anda.Agar can facilitate you to clean minimalist garden, preferably pilihjenis plants that do not produce a lot of garbage.

For a minimalist garden hardscape elements like land, natural stone, pedestrian, fence, park bench, gazebo, or potted plants. Generally, materials are hard to hardscape elements, such as concrete, metal, and wood. In the minimalist garden, hardscape element has character without ornaments. Cold and rigid impression of these elements is very dominating because of the appearance of the dominant material.


Peter Walker Minimalist Gardens
Book (Spacemaker Press)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Okay, you need something simpler.

Here's what I would recommend. I remember using a program called Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer something or other, it was made by a company called Chief Architect (a good company I forgot to mention, but I barely got into their demo software...).
I picked the software up for like $50 or so. Well worth it.
It isn't nearly suitable for plans you'll submit to the city or county, but it's great to help your architect save time and you money. It's very intuitive, and what really makes it shine is where it lacks it precision (+/- an inch, +/- 5 degrees or so), it's close enough to give your architect a rough draft

Can you recommend a designer?

I am sorry this isn't about gardening, but i thought maybe if people in this thread enjoyed gardening and investing time in their gardens they also may have done some home improvements.
I'm looking for some referals for design build firms to help us design a second story addition to our home. This is a big project and would like to hire someone who others have used and were very happy with. I believe that word of mouth is the best way to find the right person.
If you have used someone to design a remodel for you and you thought they were really great to work with and did a beautiful job, could you please post their contact information for me?
I looked for a home improvement topic in the discussion forum and didn't see one, but if I overlooked it please feel free to...

Quality Model Invests $3 Million To Expand Its Orangeburg County, South ..  — Area Development Online
The company specializes in serving the power sports, industrial, automotive and aftermarket, and lawn and garden industries with leading value-added products and services such as design, tool building, manufacturing, secondary assembly and painting.

VILLAGE SPORTS  — Garden City News
During the Christmas Break, the Garden City Recreation Department will offer a gym program for children in the St.Paul's Fieldhouse on December 26, 27, 30 and January 2 and 3. This program is open to youngsters of the Inc.

China Forestry Press Minimalist Style - Private Garden Design (Chinese Edition)
Book (China Forestry Press)
How to Create a Minimalist Garden
How to Create a Minimalist Garden
Minimalist Garden by Paul Dracott …
Minimalist Garden by Paul Dracott …
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The Monacelli Press The Minimalist Garden
Book (The Monacelli Press)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

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