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Hope Sprouts

There's room for trial and error in every garden. When I bought my house, I was ecstatic about the existence of a mature tree peony in the backyard. Then I made a mistake. I decided to move it. Despite my attempts to make the plant's transition as smooth as possible, it was wilting within a few days. I continued to care for it anyway and just when I decided to give up, I discovered some new growth. Lesson learned: Don't mess with perfection.


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Nature abhors a straight line. When designing

Walls and planters, try to introduce curves, ovals and circles... If planning a new bed or feature, take your garden hose and lay it on the line you think you want a wall or bed edge to be. move it in and out, change, stand back and look, leave it there for a few days, whatever. Nothing will look less natural than a four foot wide straight border on the three sides of a small backyard with spotty plantings here and there and two trees planted symmetrically in the lawn. Loosen up. the most attractive gardens have curved, relaxed lines, asymmetrical designs and dry stone walls. Unless of course you're designing your own little Versailles, in which case all bets are off

Fun salvias at big garden show

Checked out the big annual garden show at the Cow Palace today. The usual fun of seeing the big demonstration gardens (tho' I was a bit disappointed that there were fewer "walk-thru" designs... and not as many truly amazing ones overall) ...
Came across a nursery that I was unfamiliar with: Morning Sun Herb Farm from Vacaville. They had a great selection of scented geraniums and of salvias. (A friend sparked my interest in salvias some yrs ago)... I came across two varieties of salvias that I don't recall seeing at nurseries in my area (SF's Richmond District)... one was a Costa Rican salvia (a blue variety that can apparently reach 4 feet and that apparently tolerates or even likes shade!) and the other was a forsythia salvia, which is yellow and according to that nursery and...

Quality Model Invests $3 Million To Expand Its Orangeburg County, South ..  — Area Development Online
The company specializes in serving the power sports, industrial, automotive and aftermarket, and lawn and garden industries with leading value-added products and services such as design, tool building, manufacturing, secondary assembly and painting.

VILLAGE SPORTS  — Garden City News
During the Christmas Break, the Garden City Recreation Department will offer a gym program for children in the St.Paul's Fieldhouse on December 26, 27, 30 and January 2 and 3. This program is open to youngsters of the Inc.

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