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I stink at container design so

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How will maintenance affect garden design
How will maintenance affect garden design

Oh, I love gardening. Have a garden

Now and enjoy it so much. It is such a natural extension to interior design, for me.
I disagree about cable -- you SHOULD have it! Those design shows are a wealth of info!!! I love them! Totally addicted!
I take MSL -- it's such a well organized mag. I also love Architectural Digest, although my subscription has lapsed. It's so pricey but beautifully designed rooms, for sure.
Off and on I've taken other design mags but as my projects are complete and my interests wax or wane, I let some subscriptions go and sometimes try new mags. But MSL is a perennial fave for me.

Fruit trees?

That's what we got for my inlaws last year--an apple and a pluot tree. There are many places online you can order and have them delivered nationwide.
Maybe gardening books? I like the Lasagna Gardening books (soil layering). Or a subscription to a gardening magazine.
Gift certificate to Smith and Hawken.
There are also lots of really neat gardening accoutrements out there. Go to HD and flip through their magazine rack to get ideas on places to look up additional items. some sights from the back of a "Garden Design" magazine:

Quality Model Invests $3 Million To Expand Its Orangeburg County, South ..  — Area Development Online
The company specializes in serving the power sports, industrial, automotive and aftermarket, and lawn and garden industries with leading value-added products and services such as design, tool building, manufacturing, secondary assembly and painting.

VILLAGE SPORTS  — Garden City News
During the Christmas Break, the Garden City Recreation Department will offer a gym program for children in the St.Paul's Fieldhouse on December 26, 27, 30 and January 2 and 3. This program is open to youngsters of the Inc.

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  • Avatar FarmCzar Do you use a computer for garden layout? What garden design software do you use?
    Mar 27, 2011 by FarmCzar | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I'm especially interested in cheap or free garden design software, or a good online garden design site.
    I actually prefer to design on paper, but I get a lot of questions from people asking about design software, which I know nothing about. Yet another good reason to be part of Yahoo Answers!
    Thanks for your thoughtful responses!

    • Landscape design is merely an avocation for me and I haven't designed a garden for anyone but myself in a couple years. When I do I've always used bubble sketches and water colors.
      This Christmas however I was give …rity.
      Evidently the computer is a little more optimistic about my Z4 growing conditions than the plants are.
      I think in your line of work it could be helpful but I'll stick to my sketches.