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PictureAbout 12 years ago, I got a Wilkinson Sword lopper, which perhaps a little recklessly was advertised as being ‘Guaranteed for Life’. It didn’t say whose life. Before very long, it broke and I replaced it free of charge, successfully invoking the guarantee. Since then I have replaced it twice more, the last occasion being at the beginning of May this year. What I got was basically the same thing, except that it is called Fiskars now (whom Wilkinson’s gardening tools were sold to ages ago). Unfortunately… it did not like lopping branches of Leyland Cypress a few days ago, with this result. I maintain that it should not be possible for me to break the jaws of this thing in the course of cutting a limb less than 5 cm thick. So I am going to play the ‘guaranteed for life’ card once again, but I have a feeling they are not going to be happy about it.

I was sent the other day to what I think is a rather useful website, which is It’s evidently done by someone who used to be a keen gardener, but now confined to a wheelchair, has chosen to review tools and sort out the best, as a free online service to gardeners. A bit like Which for garden tools, but free. Fred has some good ideas, and it is nice to see that he is enthusiastic about certain tools that I have usedfor ages, such as Felco secateurs, Bahco pruning saw, and so on. I take issue with his disapproval of stainless steel forks and spades on the grounds that plain steel ones are stronger, but for the most part his advice seems thorough and good to me.

I am relieved to see that he has not chosen to notice this silly tool produced by Sneeboer. A heart-shaped trowel, the perfect romantic Christmas gift for a gardener. Nearly £30. I know one gardener who won’t be getting one. I ask you!


Marathon Industries Marathon Industries 92001 20x2.0-Inch Flat Free Cart Tire On Black Plastic Rim - 3/4-Inch Bearing
Lawn & Patio (Marathon Industries)
  • Actual diameter measures 19.48-inch
  • 2.43-Inch Hub with 3/4-inch Bearing
  • Black, Ribbed Tread - Non-Marking Flat Free Solid Polyurethane Tire
  • 250-pound load capacity
  • Not for highway use

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New Community Garden starting up in CLT

Hey all!
I thought this would be a good place to get the word out about our new community garden.
We are starting to put together a team to help run it and get contact info for those who might be interested in having a plot.
Plots are 10 feet by 10 feet, dues are $20 per year (we can work with you, sliding scale available based on income). This includes access to the plot, free seeds, use of a full set of tools, free soil testing by state labs and water. We also plan to have several educational events for new and experienced gardeners

2x frugal tip: Keeping tools from getting rusty

Copied from above, per frugal poster's request:
2x frugal tip: Keeping tools from getting rusty < Twice_shy > 03/21 16:22:13
2x would put hand tools (the ones used outside for example in the garden, where they come in contact with moisture) into a bucket of dry sand mixed with some motor oil -- put them there for storage when you are done w/them. They come out rust free, clean as a whistle, and sharp as a pin, always ready for the next use.

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HoneyBee Gardens Honeybee Gardens: Hair Spray, Alcohol Free 8 oz
Beauty (HoneyBee Gardens)
  • 8 Ounces Spray
  • Serving Size:

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How to Select Basic Garden Tools
How to Select Basic Garden Tools
Astro Garden Cheats - Hack Tool * FREE …
Astro Garden Cheats - Hack Tool * FREE …
[FREE]‏Astro Garden Cheat tool
[FREE]‏Astro Garden Cheat tool

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