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We are really excited to launch our brand new podcast series, with the editor of the best-selling English Garden Magazine, Tamsin Westhorpe. Tamsin has commissioned us to design the one-acre gardens that surround her 16th Century Manor House in Herefordshire. The design, build and development of the gardens will form the basis of this exciting new podcast series that will also be featured in The English Garden Magazine over the next year. garden design and planting suggestions with Tamsin and Janine.


In this episode of, Tamsin and Janine look at how a garden designer surveys a site and discusses how the new garden will be used by the family.


In this episode of My English Garden, Janine reveals the initial design to Tamsin and they take an in depth look at the different areas of the garden.


Janine Pattison MSGD MBALI and The English Garden editor Tamsin Westhorpe begin the implementation of the garden plan, by setting out the Pleasure Walk alleé.


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Hi Gardening fo,
I've been trying to learn a bit more about decorative gardening. I admit I don't know very much, but of the garden designs or aesthetics I like, I realize that I like both English style gardens and Japanese style gardens. Is there a style that's a combination of the two?
I'd like to gradually fill out the front and back yards of my house, but here's the rub, I'd like to use mostly drought resistant, low water and mostly native shrubs and flowers.
Is it possible to get a full, lush green of an english garden and the shady look of a japanese garden with such plants?
Thanks for your advice.

Climate of change ahead for gardening  — Newsday
While many gardeners scan the newly arrived seed catalogs to plan their next growing season, the industry's visionaries are pouring talent and resources into products and ideas they hope will be sown in years to come. .. FLOWERS.

Message to a heartbroken widow: embrace your grief  — Irish Times
And go for a walk in the garden. Examine the dead plants and the frosty clay that was so full of flower last August.

Nail design - Rose Garden 19!
Nail design - Rose Garden 19!
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Red Cedar English Garden Bench from …
English Garden
English Garden

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  • Avatar jonesin_am Feng shui in the vegetable garden?
    Apr 13, 2008 by jonesin_am | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I am plnning my vegetable garden for this year and would like to incorporate some feng shui into it. I am going to have a bird bath in the middle of the garden. Any other ideas? I don't have much knowledge of feng shui and have had a hard time finding information regarding a veggie garden online. Any help or point in the right direction would be appreciated!

    • Hey Jones,

      The design of your garden can have an amazing affect on your family's well being and health. Here is how you can create harmony in your garden - which is also a living entity- and bring peace an …e middle part of you garden. It ccould be either a patio area or grass. Finally, by keeping your garden neat and tidy you will also be maintaining balance and attracting positive influences from each of the 5 directions.