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The Garden Stamp's planting guides, charts and worksheets are designed to be shared. Download, print, tack one up in your garden shed, share them with your classroom or garden club. Check back seasonally for new plans. Follow us on social media for our latest garden tips and tricks.

? with companion planting? Try our seven veggie garden plan incorporating beneficial herbs and flowers.

Planting tomatoes & broccoli? Take caution if planting them together. Check the veggie, herb and flower compatibility of 44 common plants with our handy chart.Try our seven veggie garden plan incorporating beets, carrots, lettuce, onions, peppers, radishes and tomatoes plus beneficial herbs and flowers on Planting Chart also includes a convenient reference for the number of plants per stamp.

Ten Great Companion Plants

Our fillable garden planning worksheet includes a convenient list of direct sow seeds, the suggested time to plant them before the last frost and space to enter essential planting information.

Check the veggie,  herb and flower compatibility of 44 common plants with our handy chart. The Garden Stamp's Spring Garden Planning Worksheet


daab Contemporary Garden Design
Book (daab)

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I've never heard of anyone being bitten by a

Dragonfly and I've also never heard of anyone picking up a disease from an inspired work of art. I have seen dragonfly imagery in fine sculpture, Asian arts; especially Japanese, Native American art, Relgious symbolism including historic and contemporary pagan spiritual beliefs -- they symbolize virtue. Dragonflies are particularly present in jewelry designs, and they were really popular during the Art Nouveau period.
They appear in textiles from all over the world, in illustrations, paintings, decorative motifs you name it. Not even getting into folklore, poetry, and literature

Climate of change ahead for gardening  — Newsday
While many gardeners scan the newly arrived seed catalogs to plan their next growing season, the industry's visionaries are pouring talent and resources into products and ideas they hope will be sown in years to come. .. FLOWERS.

Message to a heartbroken widow: embrace your grief  — Irish Times
And go for a walk in the garden. Examine the dead plants and the frosty clay that was so full of flower last August.

The Monacelli Press Private Paradise: Contemporary American Gardens
Book (The Monacelli Press)
TopGarden - Modern Garden Design
TopGarden - Modern Garden Design
Contemporary Garden Design …
Contemporary Garden Design …
KOHLER KOHLER K-1895-C-G Soap or Lotion Dispenser with Contemporary Design (Clam Shell Packed), Brushed Chrome
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • Coordinates with KOHLER® Clairette&#174, Avatar&#174, and other contemporary styled faucets
  • Above-the-counter refill
  • May be installed in pre-drilled sink holes or surfaces up to 2-1/2-inch thick
  • Bottle holds 16oz of liquid soap or lotion
  • Handles pre-assembled on valves to simplify installation

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