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“... stilted hedges extend the height of boundary fences or walls, offering more privacy in modern smaller gardens.”

“As shown here in the Brewin Dolphin garden at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show, stilted hedges extend the height of boundary fences”

“Dolphin garden at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show, stilted hedges extend the height of boundary fences or walls, offering more privacy in modern smaller gardens.”

“rrier Garden. The stunning feature backing the garden, though, is a long copper-beech stilt hedge with the same mixed planting flowing underneath.”

“smaller gardens, though by no means a new idea. Stilted hedges can be found in formal French gardens and Edwardian gardens,


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Garden Design VS Landscape Design

Garden designers often charge by the hour - if you want a landscape designer that is different - landscape designers usually have a formula and they either do not charge for the design (they are also the installers) or charge a minimal fee.They make their money on the install and the maintenance contracts. Garden designers are artists, they are creating a one of a kind work for your partiicular space based on an initial consultation with you (a paid consult but usually credited with a contract for design). Prices range from $75 per hour to upwards of $125 per hr. They come out and take pictures and measurements of the space, do a site plan to scale; you are also getting use of their knowledge and artistic talent including but not limited to color combinations, growing patterns, shade,...


I have just discovered the Pc concept and I want to 1) implement it into my yard 2)start a volunteer network of gardeners that would help others get into gardening and 3)get certified and do sustainable garden plans specializing in urban gardening.
I am looking for someone who can help/volunteer with site design for small urban backyard gardens. You would be able to take pictures of the project to promote your business. You sound like you are pretty well established, so you may not be interested in this. Would you be interested in being a resourse for me/us as I try to get a volunte

Climate of change ahead for gardening  — Newsday
While many gardeners scan the newly arrived seed catalogs to plan their next growing season, the industry's visionaries are pouring talent and resources into products and ideas they hope will be sown in years to come. .. FLOWERS.

Message to a heartbroken widow: embrace your grief  — Irish Times
And go for a walk in the garden. Examine the dead plants and the frosty clay that was so full of flower last August.

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  • Avatar Skipping Rock How can I turn my weedy and small backyard into a urban paradise?
    Jul 10, 2006 by Skipping Rock | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I have a small backyard. Half of it is taken up by my kitchen garden (a rectangle plot) and with a cider block walkway dividing it from a rightangle triangle plot of weedy grass. I want to rip out the grass, widen and …ould like to know some ideas of an urban mixed use backyard. I'm a newbie, but willing to try within a limited budget. Photos and directions would be great. Live in Lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Thanks.

    • I'm assuming you already know which parts of your garden are sunny and which parts are shady; that will really decide what can be planted where!

      I would put in the rock patio area first. Once you get your …me visual interest, put an obelisk or gazing ball or bird bath in the center of the triangle area.

      Most important: PLANT WHAT YOU LIKE. You are the one that has to live with it!

      Have a ball!