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Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs7

Just Google “Fuchsia and Orange weddings” and you’ll see close to a million results instantly populate. Nothing says POP like the juxtaposition of these two vibrant colors, as they capture hues from the entire color wheel. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be designing Blessy and John’s wedding reception at the Marriott Heron Bay using these two popular colors.Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs9 ere you turned, from the seats to the fabrics to the flowers, the room was covered in a succulent sea of fuchsia and orange. Enter if you dare…

The stage was designed using three gold carved pillars, draped in orange, fuchsia and gold satin pleated panels. A gold royal love seat was placed in front, along with two side tables, white & gold elephants, and large floral pieces to complement the overall color palette.

But the real magic happened where the guests were seated.

Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs6Large gold tusks cascaded towards each other with hanging crystals, while the tusks overflowed with a lush bouquet of magenta phalaenopsis and cym orchids hung over the manzanita branches. Glass globes were delicately strung along at different heights and intervals from the branches across the table.

And that’s only half the story.

Underneath the tusks, the tables were adorned with clusters of vases sitting on a bed of rose petals. The vases were filled with silver crystal bands and topped off with floating candles. Other guest tables were adorned with a pilsner vase adorned with crystals and topped with a bouquet of mango mini callas, magenta phalaenopsis orchids and orange spray roses. Gold beaded chargers, fuchsia tafetta napkins, fuchsia chair sashes and orange seat cushions tied the entire room’s stunning look together.

Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs2 Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs22 Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs19 Blessy & John Indian Wedding Reception Marriott Coral Springs3


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  • Avatar Skipping Rock How can I turn my weedy and small backyard into a urban paradise?
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    • I'm assuming you already know which parts of your garden are sunny and which parts are shady; that will really decide what can be planted where!

      I would put in the rock patio area first. Once you get your …me visual interest, put an obelisk or gazing ball or bird bath in the center of the triangle area.

      Most important: PLANT WHAT YOU LIKE. You are the one that has to live with it!

      Have a ball!