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Ideas for designing and planting small garden spaces

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Courtyard, Bench, Asian, Lantern Small Yard Landscaping Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture Key West, FLDiscover six strategies for landscaping a small backyard. See examples of small outdoor living spaces and find out how they make the most out of limited space.

Small garden landscapes are incredibly detail-oriented. Whether the garden is gracing a condominium, a tiny bungalow, or a rooftop, there is no room for sloppy design or incompleteness. That's because what is neglected will invariably become an eyesore.

Despite their diminutive size, small gardens can also have plant palettes as varied as a larger garden. Small gardenscapes can range from quaint cottage-style designs to modern, upscale looks. To accommodate the limitations in space in a small garden, landscaping designers will often use miniature plant species, dwarf specimens and other adapted materials. A good designer doesn't scale down the same garden plan used for a palatial estate, but rather knows how to emphasize and embody the daintier dimensions of a small outdoor space.

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  • Avatar Skipping Rock How can I turn my weedy and small backyard into a urban paradise?
    Jul 10, 2006 by Skipping Rock | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I have a small backyard. Half of it is taken up by my kitchen garden (a rectangle plot) and with a cider block walkway dividing it from a rightangle triangle plot of weedy grass. I want to rip out the grass, widen and …ould like to know some ideas of an urban mixed use backyard. I'm a newbie, but willing to try within a limited budget. Photos and directions would be great. Live in Lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Thanks.

    • I'm assuming you already know which parts of your garden are sunny and which parts are shady; that will really decide what can be planted where!

      I would put in the rock patio area first. Once you get your …me visual interest, put an obelisk or gazing ball or bird bath in the center of the triangle area.

      Most important: PLANT WHAT YOU LIKE. You are the one that has to live with it!

      Have a ball!