Designing a Luxury Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop ShadeDaniel Keeley, founder and principal of DK Design in Fayetteville, Arkansas recently redesigned two adjacent rooftop terraces on Fayetteville Square that exemplify urban outdoor living at its finest. Rooftop spaces present a unique atmosphere for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family.Rooftop Terrace Seating tions that impact the design and construction process. Here Keeley shares five considerations for homeowners who would like to transform their rooftop into a luxury living space.


For those considering a rooftop garden or outdoor living space, detailed planning and organization is crucial. The biggest challenge for Keeley and his team on these two terraces was logistics. bringing in equipment, materials and furnishings took creativity. A crane was used for the heavier items, while some of the plant material was brought up in the elevator.

“Be prepared to spend more than you would for a comparable outdoor living space at ground level, ” cautions Keeley. Working on a rooftop is more expensive because of the access issues mentioned. “You also have to be comfortable with workers passing back-and-forth through your home during construction, ” he adds.

Rooftop Fire Pit
A tented pavilion provides much needed shade for this sun-drenched rooftop, while boxwood hedges screen an unwanted view of a parking lot below. (Photo: Rett Peek)


At ground level, trees and structures provide shade and act as windbreaks. On a roof, extreme sun and wind can be nearly unbearable, making protection from these the main two priorities. On one of the terraces, Keeley added a tented pavilion from Jardin de Ville to provide shade over the seating area. “Because winds can reach up to 60 mph, we anchored the structure with steel reinforcement below the floor joists, ” he explains. Shade had already been addressed on another portion of this terrace with an existing cedar pergola attached to the condo. Furthermore, Keeley recommends built-in storage for furniture cushions that can easily be thrown around by a strong gust. On one of his terraces, a wall of stainless steel cabinets serves this purpose.

The existing pergola covers the dining space, while a seating area focuses on outdoor artwork which slides apart to reveal a television. (Photo: Rett Peek)

Rooftop Dining Table Rooftop Built-in Grills


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