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rose garden design

Planning A Rose Garden

Whether your rose garden design plans and ideas are for an informal rose garden design, or for formal rose gardens, the rose colors for garden designs, should always be top priority. The picture of a front yard rose garden above is a wonderful example how roses enhances the curb appeal of a home. This charming garden is in my neighborhood and I always enjoy taking in the view whenever I go by.

I just adore this front cottage garden with roses. The red climbing rose by the window is, a wonderful red climber that was just recently planted.

Next spring the roof above the window will be loaded with red flowers spilling over. I will post a new picture next spring.

Just behind the picket fence are pink, and further back, the white 'Fabulous' rose with lining the brick walkway. The rose is climbing the fence.

This is a very charming idea for a rose garden.

The picture above is a courtyard garden design with roses, perennials and . The red roses are and the apricot-pink roses are . These roses are ideal for this planting situation, because they are rather compact and don't take up a lot of room. The fountain is the focal point in this charming and attractive rose garden.
Before designing a garden with roses, you should first ask yourself what kind of garden you would really like. There are many different styles of garden designs for roses to choose from.

rose garden designHere are some ideas for a home flower garden design with roses:

Perennial flower garden design with roses,

Herb garden design with roses,

Small garden design with roses,

Courtyard garden design with roses,

Tropical garden design with roses,

English rose gardens,

Butterfly garden design with roses,

Victorian garden design with roses,

Italian garden design with roses,

Cottage garden design with roses,

with roses,

Garden fence design with roses,

Japanese garden design with roses,

and many more garden design ideas to consider.

Rose Garden Design

rose garden designBefore you plan the design for your rose garden, use the following design criteria

to make it easier to select your roses and improve and beautify your garden.

Here is a stunning example of a garden design using multiple colors of climbing roses to create a 'Wall of Roses'.

When planning a rose garden use scaled graph paper (1/4 inch grid is good).

You can find scaled graph paper at any art supply or craft store.

Rose garden planning is a very important step, in achiving the great look you want.

Roses and Flowers look best with a border. Here English Ivy is used as a clipped curved border, adding a touch of elegance to this garden.

Choosing roses that are adaptable to your climate should be your most important consideration.

Select easy to grow, Award-Winning roses from my recommended list of roses, or consult your local favorite nursery.

Here a lantern is used as a rose pillar for a rambler rose

When planting roses in flower borders and creating a rose garden design, choose the rose companion plants that require similar growing conditions.

Decorate Your Garden With Roses!

Use a harmonious color scheme, when choosing colors of roses and other plants.

Select the colors you like the best and that go well together.

Think of roses as decorative accents and use them as focal points in your garden.

Try to create separate areas and use roses as centerpieces.

Enjoy the beauty of your roses! Consider locating your rose garden to where you can see it and enjoy the fragrance from a patio or deck

When designing your rose garden, you should also consider the location of your windows.

rose garden design a wall of climbing roses a flower border roses on lantern


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Design and plant to your personal preference

The most successful designs are those that capture the spirit of the individual and the essence of the site.
I like succulents , sub tropicals and exotic big bold foliage and would plant my balcony with those types of plants in carved stone Balinese pots.
This may not be your cup of tea.
I had a client with a third story balcony who was crazy over English style rose gardens so that is what we gave her
From Loropetalum chinese
and another who live on the 4th story plaza level of a high rise in San Francisco and wanted a reflective contemplative garden , so that is the garden that she received

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