Fashion Designer Creates Horticouture Dresses

japonica-sandra-alcorn-designer-notebookTasmanian fashion designer Sandra Alcorn’s studio looks out onto “a slightly unkempt but enchanting garden.” tiny dresses and gowns she fashions from the garden’s flowers and other native flora.

“I often take a moment out from my work by stepping outside to pause for thought, feel the warmth of the sun or pick a few flowers, ” reflected Alcorn. “It was in one of those moments that I created the first garden fairy’s dress.”

“As a child I called Fushias ‘ballerina flowers.’ The pretty petal tutus and stamens like slender legs in pointe shoes dangling on the bush a joyful delight to small eyes and hands. (Above.) My garden now is perfect for Fushias–I have several varieties flowering at the moment–and just sometimes I’m still drawn to pause and make a flower pirouette in my hand!”

Alcorn’s horticouture combines two of the designer’s passions, fashion and flowers, which she immortalizes as greeting cards.fushia-horticouture-dress-sandra-alcorn corn to document a moment in her garden, has evolved into a method of sharing those experiences through her line of couture greeting cards. Each card features a photo of one of Alcorn’s botanical outfits, usually inspired by a memory or story of some kind.

“Hellebores have many names–Christmas roses, Lenten roses and Winter roses–which is the name that makes most sense in a southern hemisphere winter garden.” (Below), I also love the deep aubergine and green ones.

Since that first defining creative moment in her garden, Alcorn has cultivated her into a collection that continues to grow “as does the enjoyment I get from creating them.” Part of that enjoyment she says, “comes from their ephemeral nature and the immediacy of being able to transform a design idea into reality in contrast to the hours to turn fabric into the same idea.”

“A dress made with geraniums my father planted in a terracotta pot in my garden.”

“For ten days at the beginning of September, the David Jones department store in Elizabeth Street in Sydney celebrates the arrival of Spring with a fabulous flower show, now in its 28th year. The whole of the ground floor and all sixteen of the stores windows are given over to exquisite themed displays of flowers. The Enchanted Florence takes inspiration from the iconic colours and patterns of the designer Florence Broadhurst. More than 300, 000 flowers from all over Australia were used in the display and the result was magical.”

sandra-alcorn-flower-petal-dresses-artist-notebook horticouture-dress-sandra-alcorn-greeting-cards-urbangardensweb hellebore-roses-of-winter-horticouture-dress-sandra-alcorn-fairy-wardrobe hippy-chic-helebores-horticouture-dress-sandra-alcorn


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