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Backyard Flower Garden Designs

This forlorn front yard became an eye-catching cottage garden in the hands of a Minnesota couple. We love how the homeowners updated the curbside view by replacing lackluster foundation shrubs with an abundance of perennials, annuals, and bulbs. Pink phlox and purple veronica are accented by yellow and white snapdragons and purple petunias to create a vibrant, cheerful color scheme, and a white picket fence adds instant charm.
Test Garden Tip: Recreate this look by planting old-fashioned flowers in front of a white picket fence

Recycled Treasure

Every garden needs a focal point -- and this potting shed provides the perfect finishing touch for a half-acre Kansas garden abloom with perennials and annuals. We love that the homeowner built it himself from recycled windows and lumber he had collected over the years. Trailing blooms cascade from the shed's rain gutter, bringing additional bursts of color to the green and blue facade.
Test Garden Tip: Try an easy-to-build garden-shed kit to match the style and architecture of your home and landscape.

Native Beauty

Smart use of native plants spelled success for this breathtaking Oregon garden. Located in an area with little rainfall, alkaline soil, and extreme temperatures, the Zone 5 garden features tough, drought-tolerant perennials that are native to the region or to areas with similar climates. Here, salvia and rosy centranthus lend brilliant color to one corner of the garden.
Test Garden Tip: Use plants native to your region for a beautiful, low-maintenance garden.

Layers of Interest

This small front garden in Minnesota graciously welcomes visitors with a successful mix of container plants and overflowing beds. We were enchanted by the antique goat cart that doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece and a unique planter for 'Red Wave' petunias and yellow African daisies. Next to the cart, lysimachia adds brilliant color behind a weathered iron fence.
Test Garden Tip: Recreate this look by mixing antique garden accessories with a salvaged section of fence or edging (or even an old metal headboard for a bed).


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beautiful backyard flower gardens
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  • Avatar Bronwyn C Do you know of any tropical gardening resources?
    Jan 06, 2009 by Bronwyn C | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I am looking for information regarding the background and origins of the "tropical gardening" style for a garden design course that I am doing. There is a lot of information available regarding Zen Gardens, English Country Gardens, Cottage Gardens, etc but very little about the background and history of tropical gardens. Can anyone suggest any helpful resources that could assist me with finding answers? Thanks in advance!

    • The Tropical Garden by William Warren, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photographer), opens with an essay tracing the historical interest in tropical plants. Royal and religious, private and public tropical gardens are discusse …r /> Bromelias:
      on types of plants to use & what type of hardscape (permanent features)... like'll need :
      of Tropical Paradise Backyard Retreats:
      luck !!! Hope this is helpful.